Agile development has a complex relationship with management. Some old school organizations want to call themselves agile, without changing anything substantive. So they maintain the same hierarchies as before and keep decisions out of the team. But they use story points. Others react to this and go the opposite way…

We’ll need your signature, mister

I’ve gotten into the habit at work of signing my commits in git with my GPG key. It adds an extra layer of integrity to the source code, as it enables us to know who produced each commit (if the practice is followed widely).

It requires some initial configuration, but…

This seminal book aims to answer one simple yet fundamental question: What makes an organization that develops software successful? This is a topic that has been explored in depth by many, many authors. The key difference is the comprehensive body of research that the authors have compiled. …

Mario Fernández

I develop software for a living. Then I go home and I continue reading about software, because I just cannot get enough. Nowadays I work for ThoughtWorks.

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